Luna County’s Trusted Mental Health Counselors 

Life can often throw you a curveball. From divorces to the death of a family member, significant life events can take a toll on your mental health. As a trusted resource in the community, our mental health counselors at Winborn Wellness and Counseling are here to assist you. By building a reputation of trust and compassion with our clients, we’ve provided a wide array of services to those in Deming, NM, and Grant, Luna, Sierra, Catron, Hidalgo counties for over a decade. Our team offers comprehensive mental health care by investing in varied therapies and online counseling options. 

Family & Children Counseling

Mental health isn’t a one-size-fits-all concern that can be addressed by a general practitioner. Whether you’re struggling in your parent Technic  or attempting to get through to a child dealing with anxiety and depression, our mental health counselors have experience in various fields. Our marriage counselors can focus on conflict management and communication, while our child counselors can help to improve your  child's social and emotional skills.

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A Wide Array of Therapy Services & Techniques

All counseling doesn’t look the same. While one-on-one sessions between a client and counselor are common, our expert staff is trained in a variety of therapy services and techniques. Behavioral therapy is used to focus on specific behaviors and how they developed, such as aggressive behaviors, general anxiety and depression. On the other hand, attachment therapy can be used to improve a person’s ability to build and maintain meaningful relationships.

Online Counseling Options

At Winborn Wellness and Counseling, we believe that mental health counselors should be accessible to everyone. Because of this, we promote online counseling and telehealth solutions to provide services to those who can’t come to our offices in-person. From virtual support groups to one-on-one telehealth appointments, our counselors are dedicated to serving every client, regardless of their ability to make it to our brick-and-mortar office.

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Call Us Today

If you’re in Deming, NM, or the surrounding five counties, and are ready to take the first step in taking control of your mental health, contact a mental health counselor at Winborn Wellness and Counseling. With a caring and compassionate staff, our practice focuses on providing counseling services to everyone who needs them. Call us today to schedule a screening appointment. 

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